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Kinda of a vent

Posted by Caseyshowie - 1 month ago

Some Vent

So yeah i'm venting about stuff. Why because of 2 things 1 my personal life. And 2 about people harassing me more pacifically @AngelStarFuture311. So yeah let begin shall we. Ok so first off my dad keeps on abusing me. He even slapped me all because i did wanted to go to bed. I Also got doxxed sadly too. And even got harassed all because i have a show that was inspired by eddsworld. And another thing about @AngelStarFuture311. She is misgendering me and even thinks i'm faking my own gender. Even tho i'm not i'm transgender. That means i changed my gender because i hated my gender at birth witch was female. So my gender is now male because i felt more masculine than feminine. And also not to mention one of here fans harassed me. And even some people are sadly manipulated by her lies. And even blaming my girlfriend @pastelartz for stuff she obviously did like cybersex or as i like to call it sexting and even cheated on me with hezzy. btw this was before me and @pastelartz started dating. She even said she broken up with me before i started to date pastel. Also one more think if you don't wanna call me by he/him pronouns ok fine. but at least don't call me stuff like woman or use she/her pronouns on me since it give me gender dysphoria witch by the way is real and many trans people suffer from this. And usually be depressed,hurt themself and even attempt suicide because of this. and pretty much yeah. So call me by they/them pronouns if you don't wanna use he/him pronouns at me. also if you like @AngelStarFuture311 ok fine i'm fine with your opinion on her. But please don't harass me or bully me all because i don't like her. if you don't like me that just simply ignore me and block me for all i care. But please don't say lies about me or misgender me because that is rude of you to do so. And @AngelStarFuture311 if you are seeing this post. Please understand what you are doing and you have done. You are harassing people who are giving you criticism not hate. We are only give you criticism to change as a person. Honestly i'm trying to not be to mean to you and also giving you tips to improve yourself. Honestly if you listened and understand what I'm going though. (Witch i doubt you even are) Then you would understand why i feel so sad and mad. Anyways sorry for this long vent/rant i'm just really want this out of my chest so yeah. That is all i have to say.iu_421005_8271081.png

Vent drawing by: Me




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If you want to prove that @AngelStarFuture311 committed infidelity with hezzy before you decided to start your romantic liaison with @PastelArtz, send me screenshots that are not edited so that I will believe you.

Holy crap you got doxxed thats very messed up this is definitely not the best week we had I also been kind of sad though you have it worse then me you have my sympathises if you want to message me i'm here for you just try to not let this all get to you with this said I hope you get past all this


that would require personal info which shouldn't be passed around and the only proof you need is decideing if harrassing a person is fair game if your willing to do that much you wouldn't need the info as you all ready made up your mind at this point

Sucks, but I’m here if you need to talk.

@ethanblair The only information that I have is from other news posts.

@zz-ElectroPlasma-zz I don't know casey the man might not be a saint though you don't see him flooding pages with spam reviews and comments also think about it me casey and pastelartz vs a few peoples word who don't say anything relavent or new about casey its definitely a motivated personal grudge as far as new grounds is concern casey hasn't actually provoked any one it actually makes me feel bad for casey more then any thing so of course I support casey if there was real proof hes not nice I wouldn't talk to him though harrassing some one is definitely not good for there case especially since they hate any one who likes his art instead of you know . . . talking it through with them and why to avoid casey nope just immediately hostile if you stick up for casey

no really man you don't want to go there that will only make the drama worse and just be a huge mess the best we can do is support people until we disagree with them then move on

I hate hearing this shit I think she's crazy

yeah i agree

I feel so bad for you, dude. I still can't believe what AngelStarFuture311 did to you and Pastel.

ikr angel is so mean to me

So, bby, I understand what you are going through. And I'm so sorry for what's going on, just know that i love you so very much and I always will, you are the sweetest and kindest,. And, I'm Sorry for how angel and your dad treats you.. but hey, I'm gonna be here whenever you need me bby, I love you very much. And I'm sure our friends love you too, I thought about you everyday now and I just wanna say this because for one I really don't like seeing you sad like this.. I understand life can be hard sometimes but I know we will all get through it, and you and I can get through it together. Your very special to me bby and you always will be. And look, I would never ever do the same things that angel does you. Because I love you bby, and honestly, Im sure angel will leave us both alone sooner or later. We should probably both leave her alone ourselfs.. she's in the past now and hopefully she will forget about us and she will leave us alone., And bby, I would never call you by the wrong pronouns, because, I understand how you feel, and I just hate how people can be so transphobic, especially towards you. I think you made the right choice to change yourself because, you feel happier this way and I completely support your decisions and I'll always support you bby, anyway, bby, I love you very very much. And I always will. God helped me find the perfect one for me and that's you for sure. I wanna be with you forever and ever. Your my one and only king and you always will be . I love you very much bby <33

Get off my back motherfucka shes like a crazy psycho now


@ethanblair you are a pretty good friend yknow

we are all here to make you feel better about yourself and your drama problems